Product #: 1570001

Volume: 4
Weight: 4.4


*4 jugs per case* A UNIQUE FORMULA USED TO REMOVE WHITE FILM LEFT BY SALT IN THE WINTER. - CAN BE USED ON CARPETS AND ALL HARD FLOORS. - WILL NOT HARM WAXED FLOORS. PERFORMANCE: •Designed to neutralize and remove ice-melt residue on floors and carpets. •Exceptional carpet extraction cleaner. •Demineralizes salt deposits. USES: •Use on all hard floors, entrance matting, and most carpets. •Works great on tile, terrazzo, granite, marble, sheet vinyl, epoxy, and stone floors. •Simple mop on and mop off application. •Breaks down the bond between surface and salt to remove film and neutralize alkaline. •For daily routine cleaning on floors or carpets.